Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bollyline Series - India vs Australia

Let me begin by saying that in my opinion India is perhaps most discriminating country if not racist (depends on what is being racist, I think Mein Kamf by Hitler provides answers to what is true racism ) The incident was perhaps as innocous as it can be in a hard fought cricket match. Harbhajan (Bhajji) had just played a ball and while walking back to creeze, he playfullly (uhem!) hit bowler Bret Lee on his back. What followed would be remembered as an event which changed cricket, perhaps forever. Harbhajan was accused of racially abusing Australian player Symonds who barged into ass-slapping incident as if almost on a cue to execute a well thought of plan by Australians to "mentally dis-integrate" indians just when they had surpassed Australia's first innings total. And it had all begun in Australia's tour to India when Australian team ws given a rather hostile reception by indian crowds and specifically by Harbhajan and kiddish fast bowler Srisanth. They had decided to corner Bhajji and mentally destory him when he visited Australia. This was the chance and they grabbed it both hands. But. Ah that but. But, Australians just did not know that this time around they were not dealing with some "inferiority complex ridden,'" gentle indian contingent who would hang its head low and tolerate any abuse thrown on them. What also did not help was that Australians acted the way they do when they are in danger of being beaten, acting like a pack of wild dogs and not players. India lost the match. Almost 8 umpiring decisions against indians had done the Indians in. And on top of that one of thier players was framed as a racist for calling Andrew Symonds a "monkey". Thugh as we know there was no proof that Bhajji actally did say that and we know that match referee Mike Procter was wrong in concluding that bhajji was a racisit just becuase he trusted two white players more than 1 brown player. Ahem....we know that Mike Procter is one of most racisit people in cricketing world, so him labeling a player from brown subcontinent as racisit and that too wihout any proof was a racipe for disaster. What followed would be remembered forever in history of cricket. BCCI, the Indian body of cricket management threatened to walk out of Australian tour if Bhajji was not cleared of racist tag. BCCI also used its power to, lets say blackmail ICC (world management body of Cricket) into dumping umpire Steve Bucknor from rest of series as he was responsible, as in past, of taking decisions against Indian team. Cricket world was aghast, specially Australians, about this blatant display of power from BCCI. It is worth noticing that BCCI generates almost 70% of cricket revenue worldwide and obviously is biggest power in sport of cricket today. I love that. Let me play devil for now. I love it. So do many Indians. I dont really like BCCI doing what it did, ideally. Which actually amounts to undermining a system. But I know this is hardly an ideal world. Cricket for many decades was run by whites , by England and Australia. System was all but fair.And this continued till Asian cricket picked up steam and Indian economy started growing and started pumping kind of money which whites could ony imagine. E.g Last world cup almost became a commercial dud after all subcontinent teams and specially India crashed out of it in early stages. Money is power. In a captilist world, money is what drives the system. And this time we have it. The Indians. The BCCI. Australians just can not tolerate this. They have not understood that world in past decade has changed. That now its browns who have the money, its browns who now control the sport, commercially. Its browns who now finance high salaries ICC's umpire get. And why should BCCI not retaliate by asking to dump an umpire who is seen blatantly unfair against Indians over so many years in recent past? Why should BCCI not show its fangs? Why should Indians not question an openly racist Match Referee like Mike Procter who without any proof decides to label an Indian player as racisit just becuase two white Asutralian players say so? when these Asutralian Players in question are so fair and just that they decide not to walk off when they are clearly out?? To Hell with spirit of game. Australians have made a system out of abusing their opponents in cricket and they call it "mental disintegration". It bascailly amounts to abusing others..abusing thier families, thier wives and essentially provoking others by calling them dirty names. Now if you provoke a person by calling his wife a slut or calling him a bastard, then you can't run to your mom when the abused party retaliates and call you a monkey or fucking anything in world ..can you? it is like you want to fight with me but you dont want me to whip out a Pistol when you are threatening me with a knife!! What sort of logic is that? But try telling this to Australians and they woudn't understand this. In fact they just dont think that they do any wrong. They are the best players. The best team, the best country, the best culture perhaps. Okey, granted they are best Cricket team. but if they claim they are fair in their behavior, then I can only laugh. And if they blame others of being racisit for calling them monkeys then I would say that injured party here is monkeys not Australians (or Andrew Symonds). What the hell. Australia is the country, which has not history beyond few centuries in past, leave alone their culture. We now where they came from and how and what they did to people land who hosted them (a lost generation). And we also know what they mean when they say that they pay "fair but hard". I can only pity them. I know. Our crcicket team is bunch of weakers. They couldnt last bloody 3 overs. But for now, I am happy that BCCI has bared its fangs and shown beer guzzelrs who is ruling. And Isn't is just the beginning? And in a larger context of "Shining India" story it is just another example of India taking on the world. For now, and perhaps for a long time to come, It is not Pakistan but Australia who would be Indian cricket's most hated enemy. And that symbolically also tells us how India has moved ahead onto a larger stage of world than being limited to being compared to its unworthy neighbour.

Mate, Monkeys arwe venerated in India as gods and so are just about any other animals you can thought of.