Saturday, April 28, 2007

A judicial stupidity

This must be judicial stupidity of highest order. A Jaipur city court has issued arrest warrant against Richard Gere for public kiss with Shilpa Shetty. I dont know if commenting on court orders amount to contempt of court or something like this, but the (mis) judgement by a juvenile sounding judge is highly ridiculous and laughable. The judge said that demeanour of the two actors was ``highly sexually erotic'' and ``transgressed all limits of decency with the potential to corrupt society.'' Excuse me my lord, did you say highly sexual erotic!! Where have you been all this while! If Kiss on cheek by two consenting individuals is judged as highly erotic, then you must have been in Afganistan all this while. Have you seen any bollywood movie recently or switched on your TV ! And what is this nonsense of "corrupting society". How can a public kiss on cheek corrupt society? Does law say anything about it! On what facts and evidences did you reach this conclusion? Untill now we had lunatic groups, out of work politicians and out of shape policemen doing moral policing by harassing young couples in public places, and now even judiciary seems to have joined the bandwagon.
In a country where court cases keep piled up for years waiting to be heard, where cases sometime run for decades, where judges have huge backlog of cases to clear, it is criminal for a judge to entertain a ludicurous PIL filed by a attention seeking man, and then proclaim a judgement as if Indian society has been defiled and a serious crime has been committed. As if entire indian culture is under grave danger by Richard Gere and he must be apprehended immediately. Only crime in this case is done by the man who filed PIL and the judge himself. They have wasted enormous time of country by starting a circus which would make people all over the world laugh at us. The man who filed the PIL should be tried for misusing as powerful as instrument as PIL. We can not have people like him wasting court's time on irrelevant issue like one person kissing another, this is hardly in public interest. It is also high time that fuzzy laws around so called public obscenity are made sensible and in keeping with modern times. One worrying thing is that if we have judges who possess such under- developed reasoning and discriminatory powers, then is it an indication of setting rot in judiciary which for long as been precieved as the only bastion which reasonable men of our society have some trust.!


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen you posting anything for a while and was wondering what happened. Has the world run out of issues? I enjoy reading your posts. So please write soon.

Gaurav said...

Thanks. I was on vacation. Back now. So you will see some more postings.