Friday, June 15, 2007

Tickets and Holes

Have not written anything of lately. Been baking some cake and cookies and having some boring routine.....

9.30 am : Reached Office. Have to login in to internal knowledge system to put up project information for team members. Had put up request for creation of user id 2 days back (yeah, we still do that and it takes 2 days) and hoped that I will be able to login but I couldn't. I raised a trouble ticket, ticket 1.

9.45am: Have to fill my timesheets for week today. Have to log timesheets in 3 different systems. Same information , three sytems, three different passwords, 10 differnt codes, for three different set of people to look. I do it on two systems successfully and feel good.

10 am: Third system is new, I am using it for first time. Atleast it lets me login. System is just not accepting the inputs and pages are all garbled up. I fiddle with it for sometime and realise that it uses javascript which just wouldn't run on firefox browser. Cyber pollution anyone!

10.30am: Enough of seeing JS and HTML errors, I quit firefox , open my IE browser and remember that IE wasn't working for quite few days and anyway I dont like IE that much. Employer's policy is to use IE. I log trouble ticket to get IE fixed on my system. Ticket 2.

10:45 am: I see my mails and find 2 mails from guys claiming to report to me and asking me to create thier goal records. I login in to another system with another password and find out that I dont see them in my records in that system. I am confused. I call them. They tell me I am thier supervisor as per another system. I check that another system and find out that it is indeed true. I am confused. Which system is right. I raise another trouble ticket. Ticket 3.

11.30 am: I get mail for trouble ticket 1, saying it is fixed. I check it, it doesn't work. I call up the guy. He checks something and tells me there is perhaps problem updating database. I reopen ticket 1.

11.45 am: I have to download this software I want to evaluate, from internet. Site is blocked. I am confused. It is a tech site run by a freelancer!! His name is adam so his site is adambalahblah.something. Adam==eve==Sex. Proxy doesn't like it (!!). I raise ticket to download the software. Ticket 4.

12:30 pm: I am irritated. I need a break.

1.30 pm: I check my mail. I have a mail. Ticket 3 is fixed. There is system A and there is System B. System A has same information , system B has same information. Both exist for two differrent departments. You update A, B has to be updated You update B, A has to be updated . Manually. Sometime we miss it. So we create tickets.

2-6pm: Meetings, meetings and calls. 2 min work takes 30 min. Tickets open and tickets close.

6:30pm: Time to go home. Big traffic jam. BMC is digging road to replace underground wires. This is for 10th time in as many months. Same road, different holes. 20 people working on it for weeks. 10 dig with primitive instruments, 5 carry the soil and dump and and rest 5, well they rest.

Have human resources. Lots of them. Spill over everywhere. Make use of them. In creating tickets, in solving them, digging holes and filling them. Fine with me. Spare me some tickets and holes and let me bake some cake. Eat it and keep it too. But it is my choice. So I will come again tomorrow for more tickets and more ..........


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting post ..Enjoyed alot.According to me : This is the blessed day for an IT fellow as on this day you have some solid reason to say...Look what can i do my system is behaving like anything and ppl r not responding and i m totally screwed up.(Here you can prove ur acting skills).

I think One shud enjoy the Bad moments in life without wasting the time for gud moments to come.

Gaurav said...

Funny, but yeah, I have seen many people having these blessed days many times ;)

Manjari Rai said...

Tickets for everything...gosh ...i kinda bless my stars now...being part of a small firm, we enjoy an atmosphere of "approachability"! Here you walk up to the senior-most person if need middlemen (or women)'s lot better without IT tickets :)