Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Internet is redefining Enviornmentalism

Walk into any neighbourhood cybercafe at noon and you would most certainly find bunch of school kids playing games on internet, quite obviously bunking school. Or they would be on orkut scrapping, many of them with hundreds if not scores of online friends. Life is going digital. Connected we are like never before. Connected through rings of phones, crackling of keyboards. One can spend entire life online. There are sites which offer virtual world where you can buy virtual property with virtual money!! You can create your own meta world and inhabit it. The magic of internet makes it all happen.

Magic in life is not virtual but real, though. The magic of nature. The sights and sounds our planet offers us are to be experienced and not just merely "seen" in virtual world. The damage our lifestyle is causing to environment can only be understood when we spend some time in communion with nature, in physical world, outisde of our cocoons. If we have to do something about our environment, it has to primarily happen through individual and community based initiatives. It is here that, Internet, the master and lord of digital world can be of great help. Internet is a great medium for people to form communities and collaborate socially to produce collective output and gain. Slide show below is a interesting view on this. It describes how "DIY (Do It Yourself) environmentalism" can be achieved through internet. Presentation profiles some businesses and projects that are harnessing networking power of internet to tackle enviornmental problems.

An interesting piece of text from it is "Buy Less stuff- iTune is projected to be 25% of music business by year 2012. That would mean de-materialization of 25% of music records on Plastics". But then not everything can be de-materialised in world. Interesting views nonetheless.

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