Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Plugging to Matrix

Last time I tried blogging was good 2 years ago,But I found it waste of time so I discontinued or may be I didnt have mch to share on my blog then. Lets see if I can ride on digital highway more often this time :)

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Tarun Chandel said...

Welcome back to the Blogosphere!

It's good that you have decided to give blog another chance. It's an amazing thing, it lets you share a lot of things a variety of people.

Blog is an interesting way to share your views and people can share your wisdom even if they are not in touch with you.

I will be looking forward to some interesting posts here. You can give any topic an interesting turn as you have vast experience and knowledge. You keep reflecting on all the things you learn that has given a deep insight into variety of knowledge areas. You also have the ability to see things from various angles, be it, technology, philosophy, humanity, society and you can apply all sorts of theories on top of that, which makes an interesting cocktail.

Hope that you stay plugged in and will contribute a lot to the blogosphere. Happy writing!