Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hanging Business.

These days every news is "exclusive" on numerous news channels. All the new channels were showing same video of saddam hussien being hanged and every channel claimed it to be exlcusive. Saddam was no saint and few would have felt any sympathy for him, but why show videos of his hanging so openly!! I know this is the age of Utube and phone cameras but why to provoke so many people who are bound to think that Saddam was killed becuase he was fighting against America!! The way he was hanged, I mean the kind of hurry shown in putting him to death smells of a revenge , kind of signal from America that none of its so called "enemies" would be spared regardless of how big the backlash be. It is only bound to broaden the chasm between America and Arab world. So much is written and spoken on this already, but the bottomline is that any conflict happens when two parties are not open and receptive to each others views and are adamant that their view is the best and even want to force it on others. I wonder if America really "thinks" that she can force democracy on others . Democracy is such an evloved concept that only when a nation of people truly understand what it mean, can they put it in practice. It comes from within the people. Outsiders can only play a catalytic role. I remember a guy in my college who was such a bully that he would pick fights on trivial of matters and for him it was either his way or the highway. We use to call him "America". That is the preception America has...of a bully. For all the good and ideas that America stands, she does not understand that true power lies in not using the force.

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